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Who We Are                                                                                                        

House of Eroju was founded to reconcile the realms of design and manufacturing,  combining individual craftsmanship with precision Engineering. Alongside our unique range of Handles we offer a bespoke design service where customisation of individual items and products can be combined from Leather, Concrete, Slate, Marble and Wood types and colours, to Stitching variations and Steel finishes. Our constantly expanding range of products provides a showcase for modern design. 

We have worked with some of the finest international names in Architecture. These include Patel Taylor Architects, Gensler, MoreySmith Architects, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and RHWL Architects. 

We have also collaborated with some of the Finest Interior Designers and Developers to design bespoke products for specific interiors so that the Interior Design is allowed to permeate even the smallest detail, from door handles, escutcheons, coat hooks to handrails.    

House of Erojus’s door handles have been exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) NY. Our portfolio includes Luxury Private Homes, Yachts, Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Aviation and Royal Palaces. The skills and expertise of our designers have enabled us carry on our commitment to our tradition of quality craftsmanship and luxury.

Our London studios combines the design of both high quality craftsmanship and high-tech precision engineered processes. Our use of leathers is second to none from the hand-icking of skins, hand-cutting of skins, hand-stitching techniques to the hands-on attention of an individual craftsperson. Each piece is instilled with passion and pride incorporating years of experience. Below are just some of the reasons why you might want to make our products a piece of your property.

Craft skills
At the House of Eroju, artisanal skills and expertise are kept very much alive. Our leather products are hand-woven, hand-covered and hand-stitched. These skills often rely on traditional tools and only a few British houses can claim to have such level of craftsmanship.

All House of Eroju products are made from the highest quality of flawless skins by expert tanners. At the cutting stage each skin is subjected to quality testing to ensure absolute precision. Our leathers use natural tanning products and vegetable dyes. This process on our natural tanned products is the only form of protection we use in creating leather with exceptional lustre and richness of colour.

We favour waxed linen twisted thread over plastic and nylons to allow a long-lasting protection from the elements and wear. Hand-stitching methods incorporate double-lock stitching techniques and every stitch is knotted to prevent running. Where machine stitching is used the same techniques as one hand-sown are applied.

Stainless steel
Our pull handles use high-grade 316 stainless steel designed to conceal a strength and durability suited to the most arduous of environments.


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